95年のデビュー以来、国内外を問わず多くの音楽ファンをとらえて放さないフィジカルなダンストラックを作り続けるクリエイター/DJ。02年秋にはセカンドアルバム『STAR ARTS』をリリース。 03年夏には盟友DJ TASAKAとのユニットDISCO TWINSでMIX CDをリリース、それにともなったツアーを行う。WIREへの連続出演も成功させ、オランダ最大のダンスミュージックフェスティバル “DANCEVALLEY 2003” への出演も経験した。04年3月には石野卓球氏主宰のレーベルPlatikからWIRE02とWIRE03でのライヴの模様を収めたライヴ盤『WIRE GIGS』をリリース。 また同時期には、香港、ドイツツアーを行いワールドワイドに活動した。05年8月には3作目のアルバム『SPARK ARTS』をリリースし、クラブ・ミュージックに留まらないエリアでのファンを拡大。06年3月にはMIX CD『PAH』をリリースし、8月には吉川晃司、ギターウルフのセイジ、ライムスターの宇多丸、ポラリスのオオヤユウスケ、そしてカオリなど多数のヴォーカリストを迎え制作されたDJ TASAKAとのユニットDISCO TWINSのフル・アルバム『TWINS DISCO』を発表している。2008年に自身のレーベル「KGM Offline」を立ち上げ、初のベストアルバム『BETTER ARTS』をリリースした。


KAGAMI, Toshiyasu Kagami is a Japanese music producer/DJ who pioneered unique mixture of techno and disco. His music has been loved all over the world since 1995 he debuted. He sadly passed away on 25th of May 2010 at the age of 33.

In 2000, ‘Tokyo Disco Music All Night Long’ in ”Tokyo EP” was received a favorable reception before the release and it was spun 3 times in WIRE00. After released from Frogman Records officially, it was a big hit and ‘Tokyo Disco Music All Night Long’ became a signature piece for Kagami.

In 2002 Autumn, Kagami’s second Album “STAR ARTS” was released. In 2003 Summer, MIX CD was launched as DISCO TWINS with DJ TASAKA and had a Japan tour. Also Kagami acted in WIRE02, WIRE03 and DANCEVALLEY 2003 in the Netherlands.

In 2004, a live recording album “WIRE GIGS” was released on PLATIK label managed by Takkyu Ishino. And Kagami had a gig in Hong Kong and Germany and played an active role in the world.

In August 2005, his 3rd album “SPARK ARTS” was released. It gains great popularity among not only a dance music fun but also others.

In March 2006, MIX CD “PAH” was released on CARIZMA and “TWINS DISCO” co-produced with DJ TASAKA as DISCO TWINS was launched in August 2006. In this album, Koji Kikkawa, Seiji (from Guitar Wolf), Utamaru (from Rymester), Yusuke Oya (from Polaris), Kaori and some vocalists were featured.

In 2008, Kagami established his own label KGM Offline and his first best album “BETTER ARTS” was released on this label.